Animal origin

In the case of beef we work with two production lines. One with the farmers in the area; lifelong producers with whom we have a direct deal, without intermediaries, which allows us to choose the calves that interest us most.

On the other hand, we also work with calves with the Q for Quality Certificate, a seal awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya that guarantees the good development of the calf breeding process and which is subsequently reflected in the meat.

In both cases, we work with females under one year of age, which guarantees quality for our clients.


We work with local lambs, lifelong farmers, with whom we have direct contact and, as in the case of beef, there are no intermediaries, which means that we can choose the lambs that interest us most and that be of higher quality.


We distribute and work with pigs from the country, from the plain of Lleida. As is the case with lamb and beef, the deal is with the farmer. The breeds we work with are Landrace and Petrein and in both cases they are castrated males, which according to our philosophy is a much more compact and tasty meat.

The pigs come from a certified farm with the "Calitax" quality seal that guarantees the control of traceability and, to us and our customers, the quality of the raw material.


In our production process we have implemented a system of trays with modified atmosphere, which allows us the best short-term conservation and better presentation and service to retail customers.

All trays are properly labeled with the corresponding data, and in order to provide a customer service, you can enter the label, weight, desired price and barcode.


Control of the field to the customer in order to ensure the highest quality and food safety for our customers, at Carns Bastús we work on traceability from our farmers until the product is distributed to our customers.

By means of a computer program, the origin of the animal and the reference data can be known at any time and, in the case of the products made, which raw materials have been used in the production process.


In addition to the control carried out by the Generalitat de Catalunya with the veterinarians of the Catalan Health Agency, in Bastús Carns Pobla we work with a private analysis laboratory which performs analyzes of the company to ensure safety food for our customers.

In order to be able to distribute and market beef with the Q mark of Quality we also have greater external control and certification.

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